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Chuck Keiser

Chuck Keiser is truly a shining star. Crowds always love seeing the band in full performance mode, and North of Forty couldn’t be happier to have such an incredible Drummer up on stage and in the studio.  Chuck brings a hard rock influence to the band.  Chuck drives the music, he locks in with the bass and off he goes.

Chris Dempsey


A Music Band wouldn't be complete without its Bassist. North of Forty couldn’t have asked for a better bassist than Dempsey, who plays an instrumental role in the success of our rock & roll band.  Dempsey gives the band a unique vibe and when you hear the soulful sound, you can feel it (adding Dempsey to the band is a step up for North of Forty).


Christine Weller


Christine Weller, lead singer and rhythm guitarist really pulls the crowd in.  Her vocals are not what you might expect from a female lead singer, her voice has a true rock tone.  The rhythm guitar is spot on, and the crowd is happily surprised to see Christine hit a solo with Ryan.  Dueling solos give North of Forty a unique sound.  

Ryan Weller

Lead Guitarist

Ryan Weller has been with North of Forty from the start. As the Lead guitarist, Ryan Weller takes on quite a lot of responsibility, from fine-tuning the musical arrangements to assisting other members with perfecting performances.  He adds a Hendrix/blues feel to the band.  No solo is the same, each time you hear a live performance it will be a little different.  Ryan is a true musician. 


Please get in touch to learn more about our members.  We have a very unique dynamic of dueling solos.  We pride ourselves on our set list.  We play songs that people know and love (but not what is usually played by a cover band).  We have created some of our own rock songs; we will rock you!

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